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Sorry for the major hiatus. I'm finally having a break now and decided to move to a new platform. Sorry if moving over to wordpress creates more trouble though. But I do hope you all can continue to support me and there is a new story there already! Do enjoy!

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I have received many emails about sharing photos and posting them on blogs. But I do not wish to upload any of my photos for personal reasons. So I will be sharing some links of other blogs or websites that I have encountered instead. Hope all of you will enjoy them! ;)

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Expanding network

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Sorry to disappoint you all over and over again. I will make sure I will come up with something during the holidays! HOLIDAYS SPECIALS! So if you have some fantasies that you wish to incorporate with my stories, please feel free to drop me and email! I have received some over time and I will personally reply to them all! Let your juices flow! Brain juices as well as something else!;) 

I have expanded my network as well to 

Facebook is not my real life one but I will make sure i will look through the messages you all left there! Befriend my facebook as well! It's all lonely now ;( 

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Other blogs ;)

Hi readers, I promised some fellow blog writers that I would promote their websites. However, till now i haven't done anything in promoting theirs. Whenever i'm on hiatus, there's some good websites here to check out! I hope you do like their stories too! I would appreciate that you show them the same support you have given me till now. Thanks!

Cheyenne - www.dirtylittlecheyenne.blogspot.com
The Back Alley of Sin - www.thebackalleyofsin.blogspot.com

There's another place where i get my inspirations from which is www.sexstoriespost.com. This website has many different kind of stories so i'm sure you would find one that you would like! I will try to update my story by next week. Stay tuned! 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Year's Eve Part 2

Before i continue with the story, i would like to apologise for the super long delay in story.
It's not that easy to come up with new content and to take the time to actually make them in a good story. Thanks for those who still do come to my blog to check for updates.

--Continued from the previous post--
Dinner was all up and prepared on the table. Jake decided to remove the vibrator out so that Jessica's pussy could take a break. After all, Jake wanted to keep all the fun for his own dick instead of the vibrator.

However, he didn't want Jessica to change out of the apron outfit as the more he looked at it, the more turned on he got. So they sat at the dining table and proceeded to eat. They just talked about the day and nothing excited happened during table.

They finished eating in about 30mins and proceeded to clean up everything. By the time all the cleaning up was done, it was roughly 8.30pm. Jake thought that they would just take a little break and watch the New Year celebration on television. He knew that Jessica was interested in watching some singer perform and wanted her to be happy. So they proceeded to the sofa and cuddled next to each other while watching the celebration.

Jake just couldn't stay calm watching the celebration. Jessica was lying in front of him while his arms were around her shoulders. Jessica's naked bouncy butt were pressing against Jake's dick and with the apron, he could see the full cleavage of her chest, without revealing her nipples. This sight is like a fantasy to Jake. He has never gone out with anyone as hot as Jessica and never had the chance to get someone as obedient as Jessica when doing those sex fetishes. But he thought to himself that maybe Jessica was so obedient because he had used the special ticket he was given. In any case, it was a heavenly sight for him.

Roughly half an hour later, Jake was feeling tired from stopping himself from getting turned on. Initially he didn't want Jessica to know he was so turned on and horny. But, his dick betrayed him and started to harden up. Jessica, whose naked butt was still at Jake's crotch area, felt Jake's growing dick. She knew that watching television would have to pause for now.

She took one hand and slipped it to her butt to touch Jake's dick. When Jake saw her taking the initiative, he didn't hold back anymore. He pulled his shorts down and his dick slapped Jessica's butt. He moved Jessica's hand to his dick and whispered to her.

Jake: "Play with it in whatever way you want."

Upon hearing this, Jessica smiled to herself. She loved to play with it. Especially when she knows that Jake was getting harder because of what she was doing. Although she still thinks she's an amateur, she knew that whenever Jake's twitches, it is probably he is enjoying whatever she was doing. She just stroked it up and down while watching the television. The night was long so they decided to take it slow and enjoy each others' company.

After stroking for awhile, she started slapping Jake's dick on to her naked butt. *Piak Piak Piak* The noise it made whenever Jake's dick was slapped against her butt. It didn't hurt Jake in anyway instead, he was just moaning away. He didn't even bother to watch the celebration. He was just enjoying what Jessica was doing. He let Jessica take control of his treasure.

Jessica then removed her hand and inched closer to Jake, making her butt press against Jake's dick even tighter. She started to grind her hips. Jake's dick was sandwiched in Jessica's butt crack. The soft and bouncy butt against Jake's hard cock. His pre cum started to flow out slightly. This made it easier for Jessica to grind. Jake just moaned as his dick just slid against Jessica's butt. Jake decided to move together with Jessica as it will create more friction and it felt even better for him. Jessica was also enjoying this moment. She loved the way that she can feel Jake's hot hard dick against her skin. What turned her on was that her dick was so near her pussy. The more she thought about it, her pussy was beginning to get wet.

She stopped grinding and use her hand to locate Jake's dick to another part of her body. This time... she moved it to her pussy. She purposely didn't point Jake's dick to the opening. Instead, she just made sure it was just brushing her pussy only. This way, not only Jake will get the pleasure, she will also be enjoying. The tip of Jack's dick was brushing Jessica's pussy lips. This teased both of them. It teased Jack into wanting to just direct it properly in to her pussy so he could just fuck her. It teased Jessica into wanting Jack just to fuck her.

Jessica couldn't take it anymore. She moved Jack's dick to the opening of her pussy while Jake was still grinding her. And his dick just slipped in cause Jessica was already soaking wet. Once it went in, both of them moaned together. At first, Jake wanted to keep all the fucking nearer to midnight. But he himself, couldn't take the heat as well. So he started to fuck her in the spoon position. He made sure he was slow so that they could enjoy later. He pushed his hips nearer to Jess and then away from Jessica as his dick went in and out of Jessica's pussy.

This position was making Jake pretty tired. So he carried Jessica's legs up slightly, making sure his dick was still in her pussy and slowly moved to a sitting position. Now Jessica was sitting on top of Jake, with his dick still in her.

Jake: "Don't move, I will do the work. Plus there's more work for you to do later." He winked at Jessica while saying that.

Jake started to bounce Jessica up and down his long dick. It was difficult for him as he didn't want to reach his climax but at the same time he wanted some pleasure as well. So he did it slow. Jessica's bouncy butt kept making soft slapping sounds. "piak piak piak.." When Jessica's pussy walls seems to be tightening, Jake immediately took out his dick which made his dick spring out. He didn't want her to reach an orgasm.

Jessica:"Hey! You did that on purpose!"

Jake:" Too bad. I'm in control today! Don't worry you will plenty of chances later.."

--To be continued--

Any suggestions on what you want Jake to command her to do later? Please email me! I greatly appreciate any suggestions!

Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year to all! I know it's pretty late to say that but it's still a new year ;)
Sorry updates would be pretty slow for the time being. Back to a busy girl again.

Before i start the story, due to time constraint, i will have to summarize what happen on Christmas. From the previous post, Jessica was making something for Jake for Christmas. They just had a simple dinner and exchanged their gifts. Nothing exciting happened on that day. However, Jessica only told Jake to only open the gift when he reached home and not in front of her. So Jake listened to her and only opened it at home. As for what did Jessica made for him, read the continuation from below!

--Continuation from previous post--
It's New Year's Eve. Jessica and Jake had made plans with each other for today. Since Jake's parents went on a holiday, they decided that they would have a sleepover at Jake's house. Jake's parents would only come back from their holiday at mid January so both of them will not have the fear of his parents coming home.

They decided to meet up in the late afternoon. Their plans were to make dinner together and enjoy each others' company. Both of them didn't want to crowd around town areas or places with countdown parties, especially having to squeeze into public transport after the events. Jake was feeling excited about today. Not only that they had the house to themselves, Jessica was going to sleepover with him for tonight. He did all the necessary preparations like tidying up his room, getting things to spend time with Jessica, etc. What made him most excited was that he was going to use Jessica's Christmas gift. He held on the piece of paper Jessica made and read this in his head.
*Special ticket for Jake* [This is a one time offer only!]
Merry Christmas love! I didn't know what to get for you so i thought making something for you would be more sincere. I hope you like it! It's a pass for you. This pass entitles you to command me as a sex slave for the entire day(24 hours). I will do anything you tell me to. However, the condition is that all the things that you want me to do must be at a private place that no public people will see! That's all. I know it's simple but i hope you do like it!

From Jessica
This is what got Jake so excited. He was thinking about what he could ask Jessica to do. Maybe something new to try? Or trying something out from their fetishes? His mind just went crazy thinking about it. And now the opportunity has arrived! His parents are out, his brother would be going down to some countdown party, leaving the house all to himself! He just hoped time would quickly fly to the meeting time with Jessica.

It's now 4pm. Jake finally waited for this time. He went down to the nearby train station to pick Jessica up. They needed to get some ingredients for the dinner and get anything else they wanted for the night. When he reached the train station, he saw Jessica carrying a slightly larger bag then usual. He guessed that it was normal since she had to stay over at his house today so he offered to carry her bag. Jessica gladly accepted his help and they headed to the supermarket. They wanted to have an italian cuisine tonight. So, they went over to get some spaghetti, cream sauce, mushroom soup, bacon and some potatoes. They proceeded to get some drinks and tidbits before heading for the counter to pay. After paying, they went straight over to Jake's house.

By the time they reached his house, it was already 5.30pm. Jake passed Jessica her bag back and then carried all the food items into the kitchen. Jessica just went straight to Jake's room to take a break. Once in his room, Jessica dropped her bag at the corner and fell onto the bed. All those carrying and walking made her feet feel a little sore. She just wanted to rest. A few minutes passed and Jake appeared in his room. He saw Jessica lying on the bed, sat next to her and asked her.

Jake: "Hey, other than making dinner, do you have any other plans?"

Jessica: "Not really. Haven't thought that far and I'm not that sure what other form of entertainment your house had."

Jake: "We can always make our own entertainment, if you know what i mean."

Jessica giggled. :"So what are you trying to imply?"

Jake: "Well.." Jake was holding and waving Jessica's Christmas gift in front of her face.

Jessica caught attention of the familiar thing. Hesitated awhile and suddenly remembered that it was his Christmas gift from her!

Jessica: "Ohh.. I see.. So you want to use it today?"

Jake nodded his head.

Jessica: "You thought of what to make me do already?"

Jake: "Thought of some things but we see how it goes."

Jessica: "Okay."

Jake: "Okay, enough of resting. Let's go prepare dinner."

They left Jake's room and approached the kitchen. Before Jessica stepped into the kitchen, Jake wanted to try his fetish. He has been thinking about it for very long so he tapped Jessica on her shoulder and said.

Jake: "Since you are my sex slave for today, means you would have to listen to me for the whole day right?"

Jessica nodded her head. "Just make sure you follow the conditions."

Jake: "Okay, i will. Then put this on. Make sure you take out everything. And i mean everything."

Jake said that while holding a pink apron in front of her. Jessica took the apron reluctantly and headed for the bathroom. Jake then went over to the kitchen to take out the necessary ingredients for the dinner. A few minutes later, he heard the bathroom unlocked. He wanted to rush over to see how she looked like but he resisted the temptation and waited for her to come to the kitchen. Jessica was feeling a little uncomfortable. She never thought she would do this but because of her special ticket to Jake, she would have to abide to his demands. She rushed to Jake's room first to put her clothes there. After that dragged her feet all the way to the kitchen. Jake saw her and smiled.

Jessica: "Stop smiling! It's embarrassing."

Jake laughed. It's even cuter that she look so shy and embarrassed in it. And of course, really sexy in it. The apron covered the necessary areas which are her breasts and her pussy. Everything was just covered nicely and also showed some cleavage as well. The more Jake looked at her, the more he felt his cock extending.

Jessica: "Stop staring already.. So what's next!"

Jake: "With you wearing an apron, we can cook now."

They proceeded to handle the food. Jake couldn't concentrate at all, especially when she was standing next to him. They peeled the vegetables together, cut them and washed them. Then went over to the stove to start cooking the soup, spaghetti and the sauce for the spaghetti. While waiting for the water to boil, Jake couldn't resist the temptation and went over to touch Jessica. He slapped her ass at first. Jessica thought he was just fooling around and just smiled back at him. Jake then groped both cheeks of her ass. Her soft smooth skin made Jake's cock twitched. He really wanted to fuck her at that moment. But he wanted to keep the fun later. He went on and grab her breasts through the holes of the apron. Squeezed them a little and pinched her nipples. Jessica moaned. She just loved the way Jake fondled with her breasts. At times, he will be rough and at times, he will be gentle. This just made Jessica wanted him to play her even more.

When the water was boiling, Jake took his hands away from her breasts so that Jessica could handle the food and prepare dinner. He wanted to play something else so he left Jessica in the kitchen alone for awhile, went over to his room and ransacked his room to find the vibrator. After rummaging through some drawers he found it. He took it to the kitchen and hid it behind his back. He saw Jessica stirring the soup and the spaghetti sauce.

Once she stop stirring, Jake dragged her away from the stove. Let her lean against him and started fondling with her body. Her ass, her breasts, her neck, her back, all her sensitive parts were being touched by him. When he approached her pussy, he noticed that Jessica opened her legs wider for him to let him play. He inserted a finger into her pussy then went in and out of her. She moaned when Jake inserted his finger in initially. In no time, her pussy was drenched. Jessica still doesn't know that Jake was holding on the vibrator. Jake then took out his finger and replaced it with the vibrator. It took Jessica awhile to realize that it wasn't his finger anymore. It wasn't moving at all and felt like an egg shape. Jake then made her stand upright again and asked her to continue to cook. He started to play with the vibrator on his own. Changing the speed at random and at times when Jessica had to concentrate more on cooking. He was having his own time while Jessica had to prepare dinner. But, Jessica wasn't angry at all. It was kind of troublesome having the vibrator in her but she liked it. She loved the excitement and attention Jake was giving her. What more, she felt great and pleasurable.

Jessica continued to prepare dinner with the vibrator in her. After awhile more, she finished everything she needed to cook and dinner was ready to be served. Jake helped out a little but still played with the vibrator most of time.

--To be continued--

To find out more what happened after dinner, stay tune! ;)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Eve Part 2

--Continuation from previous post--

Upon locking the door, Jake turned around and saw Jessica in a surprise state.

Jake: "Don't be surprise. Maybe just take this as a pre-christmas gift."

After saying that, Jake then easily slipped his hands into the dress that Jessica was trying on. It was pretty easy to do that because of the much cleavage the dress has revealed. He started caressing Jessica's breasts softly while kissing her neck at the same time. Jessica's breathing became heavier. She just loved the way Jake kissed her neck. It always sends a tinkling sensation down her back. This sensation makes her want to let Jake do whatever he wants.

Jake then removed his hands from Jessica's breasts and started unbuttoning the dress. The dress fell to the floor. He proceeded on to unbuckle her bra and pulled down her panties as well. Everything fell to the ground and Jessica was standing naked next to him. Jake took off his jeans and underwear and his hard cock stood in front of Jessica. Jessica instinctively took Jake's cock by her hand and started rubbing. Rubbing it up and down and at times rotating her hand to give Jake more pleasure. Jake's breathing was getting heavier as well and he turned Jessica to face the wall. He spread out Jessica's legs. Jessica thought he was about to fuck her. But, Jake didn't. He just simply put his cock in between Jessica.

Jake: "Go on, do whatever you want. Anything you like."

Jessica felt Jake's cock twitching near her pussy. This was tempting her to put his cock in but she didn't want Jake to think of her as a slut. So she tolerated the temptation and started rubbing him through her legs with her hands. Jake then groped Jessica's breasts from the back. This time it wasn't gently. It was really rough and it pains Jessica. Jessica let out a moan.

Jake: "Not so loud.. We are still in a shopping center if you have forgotten."

Jessica: "Then don't use so much force!"

Jake: "Don't deny it. You like it this way, don't you?"

Jessica's face blushed. It was true. She really like it this way even though it hurts. She remained in silence and let Jake continue what he was doing. Jake changed his focus to Jessica's nipples. Pulling them and rotating them. And pinching them as well. Jessica was enjoying every moment of Jake's touch and stopped rubbing Jake's cock for awhile. But she didn't remove her hand from Jake's cock. Jake noticed it and started grinding. Of course it didn't feel as good as her pussy but Jake's cock became harder each time her brushed her pussy. He knew Jessica was holding back as her pussy was dripping wet. But he waited for Jessica to do the initiation. Each time Jake's cock brushed against Jessica's pussy, Jessica became more and more tempted to put him in.

She couldn't take the temptation anymore. She positioned Jake's cock to her pussy and pushed it in her. She moaned again.

Jake: "Shhhhh.."

Jake finally waited for the moment she put him in. He pinned her against the wall with her breasts touching the wall and started pumping. Jessica controlled her moans but still leaked out some soft moans. She thought since not many people know of this corner of fitting rooms, she thought that it should be safe to make a little sound. Jake heard Jessica's soft moans and his cock grew even bigger. Jessica could feel his monster growing in her. This gave both of them more pleasure as her pussy wrapped around his cock tighter. Jake increased his pace and was slamming in her. Jessica like it especially when he increased his pace and when Jake's balls slapped her as well. With a few slams, both of them were reaching their climax. Jessica's pussy suddenly spilled out hot liquid and Jake knew she already orgasm. He then pulled out his cock and shot his load onto Jessica's body. Both of them dropped onto the floor to take a rest. After catching their breaths, they tidied themselves up and Jake left the room first to prevent any suspicions. Jessica waited for a few more minutes before leaving the fitting room.

Jessica take a look at the time and she was surprised that time flew so fast when with Jake. She had to go home for dinner.

Jessica: "Hey, I need to go home now to have dinner with my family."

Jake: "Oh, okay. Sorry but i can't send you home now. I got something to pick up later."

Jessica: "It's okay. I wasn't expecting you to send me home either. So, I'll make a move now. Meeting tomorrow right?"

Jake: "Yeah, see you tomorrow! Take care."

They waved each other goodbye. Jake then went back to the accessory shop that he bought Jessica's gift to collect the bracelet. He went to buy some wrapping paper before going home.

When Jessica was about to reach home, she was so caught up with getting home before dinner time that she forgot about something. *Wait.. I haven't gotten anything for Jake for Christmas!* Her mind became a fluster. *What should i get? I don't think i can get anything in time especially when i don't even know what to get! The option of buying a gift seems out. So i guess i have to make something. But what should I make? Just a little Christmas card? Doesn't it seem like i just put something up together?* She thought to herself. Suddenly, the image of Jake fucking her in the dressing room came to her mind. And she got an idea. *Hm.. a card.. Maybe the idea of a card isn't that bad either..*

She reached home in time for dinner and had dinner with her family. After washing up the dishes, she went to her room to prepare Jake's gift. After an hour, she looked at her accomplishment. *This looks good. I don't think Jake would ever think of this.* She thought and smiled to herself. She cleared up the mess that she had created and went to bed after such a long shopping day.

--To be continued--

What did Jessica make for Jake? Stay on to find out ;)